Ah…  Sunday Breakfast!

Breakfast is one of my most favorite meals.  I love the bazillion-and-one flavor combinations that one can come up with.  Sweet stuff and savory stuff and everything in-between.

In my restaurant-cooking days, it was probably the most difficult meal to cook.  Folks have some really serious issues about how they want their bacon cooked and how they want their eggs cooked – to the point of being completely and totally overly-neurotic about it.  Really overly-neurotic.

But I digress…

This was a really simple throw-together using leftovers in the ‘fridge.

I cut up about a cup of cooked teeny potatoes from the other night and cooked them with 3 green onions and 1 stalk of broccoli.  I mixed up 4 eggs, poured them in, topped it with some buffalo mozzarella and a sliced tomato from the garden.  Salt and pepper.

I stuck the pan under the broiler for about 5 minutes, and breakfast was served.