Tonight’s dinner went through three different incarnations before finally getting onto a dinner plate!

My first idea was to make pork sandwiches on focaccia and a cold green bean salad.  I had focaccia left from last night, so I didn’t buy any bread today.  And I’ve been remiss – no dough in the ‘fridge.

So…  getting home, I found Victor had made pizzas for lunch with the focaccia.  My bad.  I didn’t say I was going to use it.

Next idea was to grill the pork with some BBQ sauce.  Turned on the grill, went inside, came back out…  Out of gas.

Third time’s the charm.

I sliced the tenderloin into inch-thick slices, pan fried them, added the bbq sauce, and then popped them under the broiler to finish cooking.

The cold bean salad became sauteed green beans with red onion and mushrooms.  Roasted teeny potatoes finished off the plate.