After a couple of weeks of slight over-shopping, I’m in clean-out-the-refrigerator-mode.   I have to do it, now and again.  No shopping.  Use what’s in the house.

And in our house, that’s definitely not a problem!   It’s Iron Chef without the TV cameras.

I had a couple of apples, a couple of potatoes, a couple of pork chops – and there’s always frozen brussels sprouts.   A dinner was born.

My original thought was to grill the chops and make an apple sauce to serve over it.  But then I decided to pan-fry the chops with a cinnamon-flour coating.

Very simply, I added cinnamon, allspice, garlic, salt and pepper to some flour, dredged the chops, and browned them in a bit of olive oil.

I then cut the apples (I left the skins on) and added them to the skillet, along with a healthy splash of apple cider vinegar, a bit of water, and some brown sugar.  I cooked it all down a bit, added some arrowroot to thicken, and voila!

I boiled the cut red potatoes, and when they were done, threw them into a skillet with a bit of olive oil and some minced fresh herbs, salt, and pepper.  Brussels sprouts with a bit of butter rounded out the plate.

Iron Chef.  I like that.