One of my most favorite things to have in the refrigerator -at all times- is a big container of fried hot peppers.

They go on everything, from burgers and sandwiches to stirred into pasta or baked into bread or on top of pizza.

A juicy cheeseburger with mayo and fried peppers is to die for.  Or on a turkey sandwich.   Scrambled into eggs.  They go on everything.  Really.

I usually use a mixture of Italian peppers and long hot peppers, or sometimes cubanelles.  Today I added some anaheim peppers into the mixture.  It’s what’s at the produce store and what looks good.

The concept is pretty simple:

Clean and seed the peppers, fry them in olive oil, and eat.

I start with a really big skillet and coat the bottom of the pan with olive oil.  In go the peppers and I keep the heat up for a while, moving and stirring the peppers around.

As they start to wilt, I turn down the heat and let them start to brown a bit.

I add a bit of salt and pepper, but that’s pretty much it.

When they’re nice and cooked, they go into a resealable container and into the fridge where they get eaten quite quickly.

A couple of huge words of caution:

  • Do this on a day you can open windows.
  • Wear gloves.

I have come close to dying inhaling the cooking pepper fumes.  Eyes watering, sneezing and coughing like there’s no tomorrow…  It can be extremely painful.

Which shows you just how good they are if I’m willing to put myself through all of that!