Crusty bread, melted cheese, and grilled chicken. What could be better?!?  Well…  Adding some of Sarah’s Caribbean Sea Salt definitely brought it all up a notch tonight!

As a rule, I don’t use flavored salts because…  well…  they’re salty.  I don’t mind salt, I have a bowl of kosher salt on the counter right next to the stove that I dip my fingers into while cooking all the time.  But I can control that salt – I can’t control the salt mixed with whatever spices or flavorings.  What I found out about the Sarah-Salt, though, is the spices are powerful, so a minimal amount is needed for maximum flavor.  It worked well going onto a chicken breast going onto the grill without being over-salty.

We have house-guests {{YEAH DORRIE!!}} coming down from Boston for the holiday weekend, so we’ve been busy working out what to eat for the next three days.  Minor panic and running around like crazy before people show up makes everything just look so spontaneous and simple.  It really is an art form…

Fortunately, Dorrie’s a 30-year-friend so we only have to dust a little bit.    There’s nothing worse than actually having to clean for people.

So right now, the plan is burgers on the barbie tomorrow, potato salad, baked beans, all that sort of stuff…..  Victor will do an Italian Feast on Saturday and I’ll bake some bread when I get home from work, and Sunday will be our Chinese Fourth of July.  We’re doing Chinese food in honor of the Chinese inventing fireworks.

Perfectly planned spontaneity!

I love holidays!