What Fun!

Tradition flew right out the window, today.  While the vast majority of the country was setting up their grills and barbecues, we had the steamer baskets filled with pork buns, dumplings,, and an assortment of Chinese goodies.

We decided that since the Chinese had invented fireworks, we would celebrate China this 4th of July.  Did I mention how much fun it was?!?

We did a combination of store-bought frozen items and some things we made ourselves.  We had spring rolls, shu mai, and the dumplings above for appetizers, along with a myriad of home made dipping sauces.

We had more steamed buns – pork buns, chicken and vegetable buns, along with fish and scallops wrapped in banana leaves and grilled, sweet and spicy chicken with peppers and pineapple, and rice and potstickers…  There were eight of us.  We ate a goodly amount.

We all know that I’m not a huge prepared-food-purchaser, but the frozen Chinese stuff is unbelievably good.  It’s all  stuff I definitely couldn’t begin to make myself, plus it all has clean ingredients. Win-Win!

In typical Tim-and-Victor-shopping-style, we bought way more than we could have even tried to cook or eat, so we have several more meals in the making!

Family, Friends, and Food.  Who can ask for more?!?

It really was a fun spin on the holiday.