I had planned to do something with a couple of pork chops tonight.  On the grill, whatever.  I didn’t give it a lot of thought when I pulled them out of the freezer this morning.

Everything changed, however, when I got home and found a present from our friend Luigi – a bottle of Gates Kansas City BBQ Sauce! No way could I grill chops tonight.  I have Gates Kansas City BBQ Sauce!  I need to plan using this.  The chops went back into the ‘fridge.  I needed another plan tonight.


Mexican is my go-to style of cooking when I don’t know what I’m going to cook.  I was thinking tacos of some sort – I had the necessary stuff to pull it off.  Victor came in and said something about Nachos.  The mind started creating…

Our tastes are remarkably similar, but when it comes to tortillas, Victor is more of a flour tortilla kinda guy and I’m definitely of the corn persuasion. I like fried and crunchy, he’s more soft.

So… how to combine two different tastes into one dish?!?  Fry up some corn tortilla wedges and bake some flour tortilla wedges.  Pile one type on half the plate, pile the other type on the other half of the plate.


The filling (or is it topping?) was strictly clean-out-the-refrigerator.  I fried up some ground beef with an onion and then added some sofrito sauce and a bit of chipotle powder.  I heated up the leftover polenta from the other night.  Tamales are made with corn meal.  Polenta is corn meal.  ‘Nuff said.

Fresh corn.  I cut the kernels off an ear.  Pinto beans.  And those fried peppers from the other day.  Lots of them.  And some of the cucumber salad from last night.  Diced tomatoes.  Cheese.

It was one of those dishes that just screamed YUM!

It was messy to eat and every bite was slightly different.  Each chip had a slightly different combination of filling.  It was a lot of fun.  It would make a great communal party dish.

Fun food.

And speaking of fun food…..

I’m thinking a mixed grill of sorts tomorrow.  I have pork chops and pork ribs.  Maybe some steak tips, as well.  Corn on the cob and a salad.

I can’t wait!