We don’t get a leftover backlog very often, because when we have them, Victor usually eats them for lunch.   Alas, he’s been looking to lose that elusive 10 pounds and has been eating a bit lighter… cottage cheese and fruit and that sort of fun summer stuff.  Great for him, but hell on my dinner planning.  I mean, there’s just no way I can continue to make new stuff if there’s old stuff backing up in the ‘fridge.

So…  those pork chops are on hold for one more night.  Tonight was a revisit with the Mexican Spaghetti Pie and a nice salad.  It’s great to see those tupperware containers get emptied out.

Part of the salad was leftovers, also – the last of the Corn and Barley salad from Sunday. The rest of the salad was random odds and ends from the vegetable bin.  It’s getting a good clean-out, as well.

And really, this is what cooking is all about.  Taking stock of what you have and making a good meal out of it.  It’s not that difficult to grab a recipe, go to the store and buy the exact ingredients you need, and come home and make it.  It’s also not that difficult to open the ‘fridge and create something with the odds and ends already in the house.  My thought process has always been the worst thing that can happen is I throw it all out and call for pizza.

Well…  while I do admit there have been a few things I probably won’t make again, I’ve never had to call for pizza.

And dessert is a bit of a leftover, as well.  Fruit Cobbler Victor made last night.

It was great…  Cinnamon biscuits atop peaches, pears, blueberries…  a bit of a clean-out-the-‘fridge-dessert to begin with!

Leftovers are my friend.