We had our weigh-in at work today.  I only dropped half a pound.  But… considering how we’ve eaten this week – and that ice cream – I’ll take not gaining anything as a positive step forward.  We did do a bit of munching this week.  Well… we do a bit of munching every week, but it seemed a bit heavier this week for this time of year.

Oh.  And it’s National Donut day today.  I ate a peanut butter cream-filled donut whatever (that probably had every known ingredient I refuse to knowingly eat) that was divine.  That’s the nice thing about standards. They’re totally changeable to reflect the situation.

So donut consumed, and a mere half-pound gone, I decided we needed salads, again.

I love salads.  Victor loves salads.  I just haven’t been seeing that stellar produce.  Stuff has been “okay”.  It hasn’t been “OMG!  Eat me right now!”.  But it’s getting there…  So it’s back to those leafy green vegetables.  And everything else under the sun.

Tonight’s dinner started off with a bed of romaine.  Not a lot.  And then a few grapes.  I love grapes.  And then some of the hot peppers Victor fried up Monday.  And some baby roma tomatoes.

I heated up a grill basket on the grill and played a bit of clean out the refrigerator.  Yellow zucchini, green zucchini, bell pepper, broccoli, and asparagus.  I drizzled a bit of olive oil on them, some salt and pepper, added some chopped fresh herbs from the garden and it all went into the basket with a piece of London Broil on the grill next to it.


The dressing was fun.  I had a couple of white peaches that were almost past their prime, so into the blender they went with a bit of white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and a pinch of herbs d’Provence.  A drizzle of olive oil made a rich, creamy, and slightly sweet emulsion that worked really well with the beef and the roasted vegetables.

I’ve decided we need to be ever-so-slightly-good for dessert tonight, so I’m going to skip the chocolate ice cream and make a clafouti.  I picked up some Rainier cherries, that, while not the traditional cherry one would generally use, will still totally rock.

Off to pit…..