I told Victor I was making Shrimp Rolls for dinner.  He thought I was making Chinese Spring Rolls. SURPRISE!

Actually, the surprise was on me.  I bought hot dog buns and somehow they didn’t make it home with me.  I mean…  what’s a shrimp roll without split-top hot dog buns?!?  A Shrimp Bun, that’s what!

I used to love lobster rolls when I lived up in Boston.  And they were cheap, too!  A couple of bucks from any number of old shacks along the water.  Last one I had was a few years ago.  Eight bucks – and I think they waved the lobster over it.  (Okay…  I just checked the menu of one of my more favorite places, Woodman’s in Essex, MA, and their Lobster Roll is now $18.95.  I’m definitely getting old…)

To be honest, we didn’t have shrimp or lobster rolls – we had Langostino Rolls.  Langostino are neither shrimp nor lobster, but,  in the USA, at least,  are usually a squat lobster  – which is a relative of the crab.  And herein ends your crustacean lesson for the day.

I made the basic salad – onion, celery, pickle, mayonnaise, a grating of lemon zest, and a pinch of tarragon.  Perfect summer flavors.

Oven roasted teeny potatoes finished it off.  They were just like french fries – I even dipped them in ketchup!