Tonight’s dinner is brought to you by the hot Italian peppers Victor fried up Monday.

We picked up some hot and some sweet peppers Monday with the intention of frying them in olive oil and garlic.  They are one of the best condiments to have in the ‘fridge – they go with so many things and have a shelf-life just short of plutonium.  Not that we ever keep them around long, but they will last.

Did I mention hot?!?

They were so hot cooking that when I walked into the kitchen – with windows open and fan blowing – my eyes immediately started burning and I started coughing.

I knew we were onto something good!

I wanted some of them for dinner tonight and thought an open-faced burger was just the ticket.  I toasted a couple of thick slices of Italian bread and spread it with mayo mixed with some mixed shredded cheese left from last night’s dinner.  On top of that went the peppers – and then the burger topped with more cheese.

The fresh fruit was perfect with the hothot peppers, and the leftover-from-Monday potato salad and baked beans added to the goodness (and helped clean out the ‘fridge).

It’s currently 85° outside with climbing humidity ((I will never get used to living in a place where it can actually get hotter when the sun goes down!) so we’re having homemade ice cream for dessert tonight.

Really rich chocolate ice cream with mini peanut butter cups.

Stay tuned.