It’s over.  And what fun we had!

Due to our Anniversary and some scheduling stuff, we ended up swapping our Thanksgiving for Marie’s Easter.  I think I’m liking Easter even more than Thanksgiving.  It’s a bit sillier.  I mean, Peeps.  What more need I say?!?

We did Brunch for 18.

  • Mini muffins
    • Blackberry Lemon Corn
    • Banana Walnut
  • Brioche
    • cinnamon roll on a stick
    • classic
  • Gadoodies
  • Uncle Rudy’s Easter Pie
  • Baked Ham with Jameson and Lingonberry glaze
  • Irish and Italian Sausages
  • Tahoe Brunch
  • Roasted teeny potatoes with garlic and rosemary
  • Asparagus with chopped heirloom tomatoes
  • Marie’s pineapple bread pudding
  • Leah’s fruit salad
  • Joann’s cannoli
  • Mini lemon mousse
  • Cannoli
  • Strawberry Ricotta pie
  • Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake
  • Joann’s homemade candies
  • White and Dark chocolate-dipped Peeps
  • Mimosas

I’m sure I’m missing something.  There was just so much to eat!

We started planning a couple of weeks ago and pretty much had the menu set last week.  And then it was just a matter of doing a little bit now and then.  We brought up the Easter decorations last Sunday.  There are baskets and bunnies, plates and things we’ve accumulated over the years.  Our starting point is “what do we have and what do we need?”  I did as much grocery shopping as I could on Monday.

Tablecloths and napkins were ironed on Wednesday.  I folded the Easter Bunny napkins Wednesday night.  They sat on the file cabinet in the office.  I made the Brioche dough Wednesday.  Dipped all the Peeps yesterday.  Made the Tahoe Brunch yesterday.  I made the butter molds Thursday.  They’re a bit of a family joke, so I went out and got a lamb butter mold.  It’s pretty silly.  The lamb head looks like a cross between the Sphinx and George Washington.  Really silly.  Victor made the Easter Pies on Friday.  Table was set last night.  I made the place-setting Easter Bunny bags Thursday night.

Today was easy.  Did all the baking, first thing this morning.  My only minor error was dipping the cinnamon brioche rolls and then trying to put them in the planter on the filled plate.  I started dripping icing on the lemon corn muffins and the plate, so I did them separately and then assembled the plate when they were set.  I finished the mousse, and then filled the double ovens with the ham, the potatoes, the sausages (that I had par-boiled), and the Tahoe Brunch casseroles.  Oh, and with 18 people arriving at 1pm, I had to run up and pick up Cybil from the groomer at noon, because Victor was in town picking up his aunt and uncle.

I admit I couldn’t do this – or any other holiday meal – without two full-sized ovens.  It just wouldn’t happen.  They were the best investment we ever made.  That, and the fact that Victor and I really work well together in the kitchen.  We do a great ballet.

And I do plan the menu around how something is going to be cooked, things that can cook together at the same temperature, and how many burners, pans, and pots I need.  It’s become fairly instinctive at my advanced age, but it really helps to look at the menu and determine cooking needs and times.  Timing is everything, but planning even more so.

It also helps to have the menu in the kitchen with you to check things off as they go onto the table. Even though I had the menu written in front of me, in the chaos that was getting the food on the table around all of the people who were in the kitchen even after I had thrown them all out twice, I sat down and forgot the asparagus in the ‘fridge.  Fortunately, Victor noticed it right away (he made it, after all!) and brought it out.

So we had a great day, great fun, and fun food.

I’m already thinking about next year!   Peep Easter Island keeps going through my head…..

Think of the possibilities!