It’s been quite a while since I fired up the grill.

Back in our propane days, I’d pop outside regardless of the weather and throw something on the fire.  The switch to charcoal has slowed me down a bit.  It’s just not as convenient.  Better tasting, but not as convenient.

Regardless, I’m going to stay with better tasting for a while.

A while back I bought a couple of full tenderloins, cut them into steaks and roasts, vacuum-packed them, and put them in the freezer.  I’ve been staring at one particular package for a while now.  This morning I took action and pulled it out to thaw.

I seasoned them with salt and pepper and got fancy-schmancy – I wrapped them in bacon.  After grilling them to a perfect rare, I added a slice of Boursin cheese.

The potatoes were Boursin-mashed potatoes.  Potatoes, salt, pepper, a splash of milk, and a slab of Boursin.  Mash and eat.

Steamed broccoli and cauliflower finished off the plate.

And…  I baked another loaf of bread!

I forgot to take a picture, but it came out better than yesterdays.  A bit easier to handle.  40 minutes to rise and 25 minutes in the oven.

With time like this, we could have fresh bread every night with dinner!