The chicken I roasted Sunday has given forth another meal – a chicken salad salad.  This was actually a planned meal – not something I often do.  But when I roasted the chicken Sunday, I planned at least 2 more meals from it – a salad and a soup.  The carcass is simmering as I type.

The chicken salad was your basic – chicken, onion, celery, pickle, salt and pepper, bound with mayonnaise.  I put a big ol’ scoop into a tomato I sliced in eighths and set on a bed of mixed greens.  I then added cheese and garlic tortolloni, blackberries, and Victor made a simple vinaigrette.  A loaf of bulgur whole wheat bread finished off the meal.  And me.

And lest anyone thing we’ve totally lost our minds and are eating a whole loaf of bread every night…  Not exactly true.  I’m making 10-12oz boules.  We each get a few slices at dinner, and Victor has sandwich bread for lunch the following day.

I am loving the weather change.  I lovelovelove snow, but I love warm even more.  Salads are really making me smile.

And so is the fresh-baked bread.

Tonight’s loaf  was the whole wheat dough with about 1/4 cup of bulgur wheat mixed in and sprinkled on top.  And roasted garlic butter to spread on the warm slices.

There is just nothing better…