It’s another night of Victor in the kitchen.  See the smile on my face!

I picked up a pack of gnocchi a while back and it’s been staring at us both whenever we open the cupboard.  Today, Victor decided the time was right to end the staring.

There are times when you want a gazillion complex flavors assaulting your taste buds simultaneously.  There are times when you want a couple of simple ingredients to speak for themselves.  Victor chose the latter tonight.

Chopped red and green bell peppers and a couple cloves of garlic fried in olive oil, a bit of tomato paste, Greek oregano, fresh basil, a few red pepper flakes, and fresh parmesan cheese.  That was the sauce.  Into it, he stirred the cooked gnocchi, with a bit more cheese on top.

A few slices of fresh-baked bread (from the grocery store, today!) and dinner was served.



Rumor has it we’re getting another snow storm tomorrow.  Another big snow storm.  I love it!

We had more than 2 feet of snow Friday and Saturday.  The weather service is calling for 18″ or more to fall starting tomorrow afternoon.  I’m psyched!  I loathe and despise these 2″ annoyance snowfalls.  All they do is make life miserable for a few hours.  When snow starts getting measured in feet, the world has to stop for a while.  It’s a good thing to stop and regroup.   Spend some time in the kitchen with the family.  Maybe cook a nice stew or something.

Which is exactly what I plan to do.

There’s a chicken in a pot on the stove right now that is going to become Chicken Pot Pie tomorrow.  There will be leftovers for a hot lunch on Wednesday and we have enough stuff in the house that we won’t have to venture out until it all melts!

Victor had a business trip out to California Wednesday morning.  American Airlines just called and canceled his flight.  It seems they are planning on a big storm, too.

All the more reason to turn on the oven and start baking!

I’m enjoying this.

A lot.