Boy, I blew it.  I’m Mr Disaster Preparedness.  Pop was a Fireman.  He taught us how to be self-sufficient in an emergency.  At any given moment we have enough food in the cupboards or freezer to sustain us for several days of whatever Mother Nature could throw at us.  I’m watching people panic-buying (what was with the guy buying 4 12-roll packs of toilet paper, anyway?!?)  and feeling just a tad smug that I have everything we need at home, already.

Victor had been traveling for work and got home late Thursday night.  I made a huge pot of soup and we had soup and homemade bread for dinner last night.  I figured with the snow coming, we should have dessert at the ready.  Time to bake a cake.

I made a basic yellow cake from the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.  Simple, foolproof.  After dinner, I went to make a basic chocolate butter cream icing.

Cube of butter into the mixer, get down the cocoa, go for the powdered sugar and – and – there’s only 2 cups of powdered sugar in the house! OMG!  How could I have been so careless?  How could I have failed so badly?  I’m so ashamed.

Of course, Disaster Training and Preparedness means making do with what you have.  I had a 10lb bag of granulated sugar.  And I had eggs.  I made a 7-Minute icing.

Note to self:  Buy powdered sugar Monday.