When we bought the house nine years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) the first thing we did was gut the kitchen and start over.  It was a 1950 metal-cabinet-mess.  We came up with a pretty good design and a chunk of change later, we had a great layout and a fun place to create.

Nine year later, it’s in need of a little bit of TLC.

It’s time to paint.

The question became, do we clean the woodwork and cabinets, the drawers and all that before we paint, or after we paint?  The consensus was before.  Make everything sparkling-clean and the final step is the paint.

Since most of the cabinets have been taken apart and cleaned out several times since they were installed, I decided to start with the one that probably hasn’t been taken apart and cleaned since we put it up – the spice cabinet!

There are three lazy susans in the corner cabinet used for herbs, spices, vinegars, and Asian sauces.

Everything came out and the cleaning started.

I went through and culled a few things – but not much.  A few flavorings that I know have been there a bit too long and some Christmas stuff that will keep better in the basement.  Most everything went back.  Neater.

The shelves weren’t as bad as I thought they would be.  One spill that  took a bit of elbow-grease to get rid of, but otherwise not bad.  I guess there was just so much stuff on them that dirt and/or grime just didn’t have a place to set.  The bottles all got a good wipe-down whether they needed it ot not.

The next two cabinets will be the one on top of the ovens – where the pastas, flours, and some of the baking stuff is kept, and the cabinet above the refrigerator – cereal, dog biscuits, and miscellaneous stuff.  Both are in pretty good shape – I think.

And then it will be time to actually wash the outside of all the cabinets and drawers.  Even though they are done regularly, they get messy and/or greasy quick.

We may be ready to paint by Spring!