Oh, how quickly the mighty fall…

Two days of gloating about how fabulous our last two dinners were and karma caught up to me.  Tonight, I burnt the rice.  Burnt.  Black-on-the-bottom-of-the-pot burnt.  Chisel-and-soak burnt.


It was really good mahogany rice, too.  Whole grain, not cheap, really nutritious, takes 45 minutes to cook.  I put it on the stove, put the flame up to high to bring it to a boil, walked out of the kitchen for a moment – and forgot all about it.  Victor walked into the kitchen 20 minutes later and the pot was boiled dry.  And burnt.

Fortunately, it was a good, heavy pot and with a bit of scraping and soaking, it’s good as new.

So…  not wanting to wait another 45 minutes for rice to cook – we had white jasmine.

And a simple stirfry.  Chicken thighs, onions, mandarin oranges, and broccoli with a jarred orange sauce doctored up with sambal oelek for some heat.  I was afraid to try anything more complex.