A steaming bowl of soup and a loaf of bread fresh out of the oven.  The perfect meal when it’s 22° outside.  Yes.  twenty-two degrees.  Of course, compared to some of our friends, it’s downright balmy here.

All I can say is B-r-r-r-r-r.  Well…  I could say more, but this is a G-Rated Blog for the most part!

Victor made the soup today and I made the bread.

The soup was simple.  Chicken thighs, diced and sauteed in olive oil, carrots, celery, and onions, also diced and sauteed.  Into that went some diced mushrooms and a cup of white wine.  He reduced the wine, added 2 quarts of chicken stock, and some salt and pepper.

No fancy herbs or spices.  Very basic – and very good.

I did James Beard’s basic French-style loaf.  I can make that one in my sleep.   I think it’s time to get creative, again.

I’ve been out of whole wheat flour for a while now, but I think I’ll pick some up tomorrow.  Maybe some rye flour, as well!  I really do like to get the bread-making gene active this time of year.

Not to mention just how inexpensive a loaf of bread and a pot of soup can be to make.

It’s the only good thing about this time of the year.  I hate the cold.