When I made the crust for the Mincemeat pie the other day, I had a good-sized disk of dough left over.  Into the ‘fridge it went.

And a few days ago I made beef soup.  It had rice and beans and other good, thickening things in it.  Had some of that left over, also.

Two left-overs equals one dinner!

This really was a no-brainer.   The soup was just a bit too thin for pot pie filling, so I added some potatoes and then thickened it with a beurre manié – equal parts of softened butter and flour.

I didn’t feel like rolling two crusts – a top and a bottom – so I rolled one big one and made it rustic.

Filled it, folded it over, and into the oven at 425° for 30 minutes.

Since it is still snowing outside, it was the perfect winter dinner.  And there are leftovers of the leftovers.  Lunch tomorrow!