It’s definitely been a while since I whipped up a meatloaf.

No particular reason other than I’ve just been making other things, but tonight meatloaf called my name.

I make a pretty basic meatloaf.  Nothing fancy.  Which reminds me of when I opened the Westin SFO  many moons ago.  The main hotel restaurant was The Bayshore Diner (where those oval plates came from).  It was an ’80s version of a ’50s diner and had meatloaf on the menu.  The chef just couldn’t make an American meatloaf – they always looked like a perfect pate.  So much for classical training, eh?!?

But I digress…

Ground beef, bread crumbs (from my homemade bread the other day!), chopped onion, garlic, a splash of ketchup, squirt of mustard, splash of worcestershire sauce, an egg, salt, and pepper.  I was in a hurry so 400° for about 40 minutes.

I usually pack it all into a plastic-lined loaf pan and then put it onto a sheet pan to bake.

Mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, frozen spinach.

Tomorrow is Prime Rib and Baked Alaska!

Life is good.