This may be the least traditional mole ever created – but, dayum, it was good!

I started off with a jar of Doña Maria Mole Verde and a couple of chicken breasts.  I had first thought I would just make the sauce (add a quart of broth to the jar of sauce) and serve it over the chicken but then I thought I’d rather have it served over rice.

I diced and then sauteed the chicken, added the sauce, and then added some frozen corn.  And then some canned beans.  And half a bag of frozen spinach.  And a small can of sliced black olives.  And some leftover rice from the night before.

I couldn’t help myself – it became a clean out the kitchen obsession!  What else could I put in this simmering pot?!?  I almost put in some cheese (I had both Spanish blue and Philly cream) but finally realized I had done enough for one pot.

What started out as a simple sauce over a chicken breast became a thick and hearty stew.  It was amazingly good!

It’s one I won’t be replicating any time soon, but it really does show the versatility of the Doña Maria sauces.  They’re like $1.99 – I always have a couple in the cabinet for those lazy whatever nights.