I did say that buying that stalk of brussels sprouts was going to be a commitment.

Today’s Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms in a Mustard and Cheese Sauce came about because I decided I wanted a side of macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight.  I had tasted a couple of new cheeses – Kerrygold Dubliner with Ale and a German Rhine Mountain cheese.  Opposite ends of the spectrum – perfect to blend for Mac and Cheese!

My mother made the best macaroni and cheese.  She would save up all of her little odds and ends bits of cheese and create these rich, creamy concoctions that were out of this world.  We never – ever – had the boxed stuff (and I still have never bought a box, myself).


So…  I started with1/4 cup butter and 1/4 cup flour.  Cooked it together and added about 3 cups of milk to make a medium white sauce.   I put about a cup of sauce aside for the brussels sprouts and continued on…

To the Mac and Cheese sauce, I added a couple of ounces of the Dubliner, a couple ounces of the German cheese, and, because it was in the ‘fridge, a cup of ricotta cheese.  salt, pepper, a bit of garlic powder, splash or worcestershire sauce and a shot of tabasco.

I cooked the macaroni separately (elbow macaroni, just like mommy used to make) and then mixed the sauce with the cooked macaroni, put it into a buttered casserole with buttered panko breadcrumbs on top.  350° for about 35 minutes.

As soon as it was in the oven, I did the brussels sprouts.

I sliced them in half and sauteed them with the mushrooms in a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper.  When they were just lightly browning, I added a half-cup of white wine and cooked it down.

To the white sauce, I added maybe a half-cup of the cheese sauce, and a very generous spoonful of dijon mustard.

Mixed in the brussels sprouts and mushrooms, placed it all in a buttered casserole, and baked them for about 30 minutes.


It ended up being a very white plate.

I browned the pork chops and then put them in the oven with everything else for about 20 minutes.  They actually were overcooked and dry.  Oh well.  they tasted fine dipped in the mustard sauce!