Alaskan Cod, that is…

Victor took over the kitchen, today.  He has now officially lost 20 pounds – and is equally determined to keep them off.  We’re eating well, but I tell ya – the temptation to just go for it is always just under the surface.

For both of us, the biggest challenge is dessert at night.  We like dessert.  But it’s easier to just forgo the calories than to try and pretend that whatever low-calorie whatever we would otherwise be eating is actually 1) good, and 2) worth the lame and/or un-fulfilling calories.  We’ve gotten a lot more selective…

So the cod?!?  Baked in the oven with  a drizzle of olive oil, a pat of butter, a sprinkling of bread crumbs, and capers.  Really simple – and really good!

No dessert, tonight.

Maybe tomorrow.  It depends on the weigh-in…..