Today’s dinner is brought to you by a recipe I vaguely remember from a magazine (Bon Appetit?!?) once upon a time…  It was for  shredded Brussels sprouts and sliced mushrooms fried and then simmered in heavy cream.  Just my kind of healthy vegetable!

We had both the Brussels sprouts and the mushrooms in the ‘fridge, plus some chicken breasts, so I thought maybe a chicken, Brussels sprout, mushroom stroganoff-type thing would be good – sans the heavy cream!  It was.

My first thought was to serve it over a wide noodle.  Then brown rice.  Then – realizing rice will last in the cupboard longer than potatoes in the basket – I decided mashed potatoes would be the perfect accompanyment!  They were.

In a hot skillet, I added a bit of olive oil and sauteed the thinly-sliced Brussels sprouts until browned.  I then added the mushrooms and browned them, as well.  I put them into a bowl and browned the sliced chicken breasts.  Everything went back into the pan with a splash of white wine.

When the wine cooked down, I added about a cup of sour cream and a scant teaspoon of Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and garlic.  I let it simmer while I smashed the potatoes.

It is a rare ocassion that I will peel potatoes.  I like the skins, I like the texture.  I pretty much hate perfectly-smooth mashed spuds.  It’s probably one of the main reasons I loathe instant mashed potatoes.  This was not one of those rare ocassions.  Lumpy potatoes with just a tad of butter and (non-fat) milk.