The other day at the produce market, I picked up a couple of big ol’ artichokes.  My first thought was “Victor can stuff these.”

I thought that because Victor makes really, really good stuffed artichokes.

While we always had artichokes growing up (with mayonnaise to dip the leaves in!)  I really hadn’t had or made stuffed artichokes until we met.  And, let’s face it – there’s absolutely no reason for me to make them if he can make them so wonderfully and effortlessly!

So…  I sent Victor a message this morning saying it would be great if he made the stuffed artichokes tonight.  I immediately got a message back saying not only would he make the artichokes, but He’d also cook dinner – adding some perline pasta to the plate!

Gastronomic heaven.

I came home to two lovely artichokes stuffed with breadcrumbs, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped olives, Italian seasoning, Locatelli, garlic, and olive oil. (And a pinch of salt and pepper.)

He then steamed them in about 2 cups of chicken broth for about an hour.  Naturally, one can use water, vegetable broth, wine, or any combination, but we had the chicken broth in the ‘fridge…


The pasta was perline pasta with olive oil, a squeeze of anchovy paste, tomato paste, a bit of the artichoke broth, and a sprinkling of the stuffing crumbs.

This is when eating with your fingers is fun.  As I was pulling apart the artichoke and getting crumbs all over my hands, I make the effort to wipe my hands before grabbing the fork to eat the pasta.

Pretty soon, the napkin was a mess, my hands were a mess, and the fork was a mess. It was just as easy – and actually less messy – to just pop a piece of pasta in my mouth with my fingers.

It was really a treat!