We did a bit of a tag-team in the kitchen tonight.  I pulled the chicken out of the freezer this morning before heading off to work, and Victor decided he would cook it.  He kinda planned a breaded chicken cooked in the oven, brussel’s sprouts, and rice.  But at work, Jessica had mentioned potatoes in caramelized onions and I just had to have some.  So… Victor did the chicken and veggies – I did the spuds.

Where Jessica had used a little teeny-tiny potato, I had a russet, so that’s what I used.  I probably could have let the onions go longer than I did, but…  I was hungry!  Anyway…

I sliced up an onion and sauteed it in a pat of butter until just starting to brown.  I added one cubed potato and a bit of salt and pepper, and covered it.  Cooked for about 30 minutes on low heat.

The brussel’s sprouts were sliced in half and then browned in a wee bit of olive oil.  Victor then added mirin and dijon mustard.  Talk about fusion!  They were excellent!

The chicken was almost secondary to the side dishes – breaded with homemade bread crumbs and into a hot oven for about 15 minutes.  No additional oil or anything.  It came out a bit pale, but it had just the right crunch.

Everything really worked well together.  Yum.