I lead a charmed and wonderful life.  I get to spend 40 hours a week talking to a huge cross-section of humanity about food.  Good food.  Bad food.  What to do with food. What not to do with food.  And then I get to come home, see what my foodie-friends are up to, comment about their food, cook dinner, and then write aboout our food.  I love it!

My little corner of the store is often like the bar at Cheers – people are always stopping by to say HI and see what new tidbit there is to nosh or recipe idea to swap.  It’s a gathering place for fun and ideas.  I’ve met some wonderful people over the past 8 years and have made some wonderful friends.  I have witnessed marriages, births, and seen those little ones start off to school.  I’ve had little ones come running up to the counter shouting “HI Mr Tim” and felt a little saddened when they became too big to give me a hug.   I’ve watched people survive chemotherapy.  I’ve felt the loss when they didn’t.

A charmed and wonderful life.

A few days ago one of my most favorite mother/daughter teams came in.  We were talking about produce – fresh produce, homegrown produce – and Mom  – in her musical Italian accent – was talking about a dish she had made with fresh produce all from her yard.  It sounded heavenly.  She said she would bring some in for me – and today, she did!


The zuppa was pure heaven!  Onion and peppers, squash, tomato, spinach, potatoes, garlic, olive oil.  Every flavor stood on its own, but at the same time, melded into the whole.

Simplicity. Perfection!  The type of food that begs to be shared.

I broiled a couple of sausages and topped it with shavings of Locatelli.  And then sopped up every last bit of broth with hunks of crusty Italian bread.

I’ve actually received lots of fun food items from folks over the years, but this one was really special, today.

Did I mention I lead a charmed and wonderful life?!?