Yes, we’re still eating, and yes, we still feel like crapola.  When I’m not hacking up the right lung, I’m hacking up the left.

Sorry…  It doesn’t paint a pretty picture.  Did I mention I feel like hell?!?

So… other than having zero energy, coughing like there’s no tomorrow, and wanting to do nothing other than crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head, we’re doing okay.  There’s plenty of food and beverage in the house.  We’re eating well, I’m just not interested in writing about it.  (Our appetites haven’t completely abated, alas…)

The good thing about this particular brand of crud is we both still have a sense of smell – and taste buds!  Thank goodness.  Not having a lot of motivation to go into the kitchen in the first place would really suck if we couldn’t taste what we’re not overly-motivated to make.

Friday night was a casserole of sorts.  I had taken some ground beef out of the freezer, thinking tacos, tomatillo salsa – vaguely-Mexican.  That morphed into a beef and mushroom casserole with a mashed potato topping.  I needed comfort food.

Last night, I was feeling even lazier.  The pork chops I had taken from the freezer stayed in the ‘fridge.  We had frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken over rice.  I doctored the sauce with sambal olek and cut up a really big green pepper and roasted it with the chicken.  But dinner, basically, came out of a bag.  Oh well.

Tonight, Victor took to the kitchen.  He had slightly more energy than I and started off by making a pasta salad this afternoon.  More tomatoes on the vine, so a quick tomato salad was born, and another dozen plum tomatoes are in the oven drying.

And then those pork chops from yesterday.  Seems what we thought were two thin–sliced chops was actually four really thin-sliced chops.  Perfect.  It made chewing easier.  Have I mentioned I have zero energy?!?  Fortunately, these pork chops gave me the incentive to keep eating!  Yum, they were!

VERY quickly browned in a skillet and then into the oven with a red onion, pear, and nectarine.  It was the ten-minute version of a really good recipe from Lidia Bastianich that we make all the time.

So… feeling marginally better.  I’m sure tomorrow will be even better, still.  I did have the laptop out in the back yard all day.  The weather was perfect and tomorrow should be mid 70’s and no humidity.  Perfect.