Dessert was calling me tonight.  I’ve been a pretty good boy in the dessert department.  A piece or bowl of fruit has usually been satisfying my after dinner sweet tooth.  Tonight, though, I wanted more.

The secret to losing weight for me is to not deny myself anything.  If I want something, I can have it if I so choose.  The goal is to make the right choices.  So far, so good.

I don’t keep a rigid account of daily calories, but since I’m not eating between meals, it’s pretty easy to keep a bit of a mental tally.  I knew I had some spares today, so it was time to cash ’em in – within reason, that is.

I decided that fresh fruit was going to be the centerpiece and we just happen to have some great nectarines in the house right now.  A Nectarine Crisp was born – but with a few less calories than my normal creations…

The first thing I did was get out the individual gratin pans.  2 desserts, not a big ol’ pan.  Portion control, here…

I cut up 2 nectarines (67 calories, each) and put them into a bowl.  I sprinkled them with 2 teaspoons of sugar (15 calories, each) and then placed them in the gratin dish. For each, I then mixed a tablespoon of whole wheat graham flour (25 calories) with a tablespoon of oats (20 calories) with a tablespoon of brown sugar (a whopping 50 calories) and a teaspoon of melted butter (36 calories).  I mixed it all together and sprinkled it on top of the fruit.  Into a 350° oven for 25 minutes.

A 213 calorie dessert that did the trick.

Yes, it could have easily been enhanced with a pint of ultra-premium vanilla ice cream on top, but I really hadn’t banked enough calories to go for it, tonight.