During my regularly-scheduled tooth-cleaning and exam last week, it was discovered that I had cracked my back molar.  Just an itty-bitty crack, but not a good thing to have happen.  I was lucky it was caught when it was.

So… today, I had a root canal.  And a temporary crown.  And no fabulous drugs to take home with me.  And it only cost me $687.00 out-of-pocket.  Thank goodness I have insurance.  (I could have used the drugs to get over the shock of the cost.)  Oh well.

Victor, figuring I probably wouldn’t be in the mood to cook or eat (he was 50% correct) made a most excellent Turkey Soup with the carcass from Monday.

He boiled down the carcass and added little shell pasta, carrots, onion, celery, escarole, fresh green beans, asparagus… He also baked off a couple of empanadas I had frozen last week.

The soup was just loaded with flavor – and all that healthy good stuff.  I enjoyed every luscious drop.

Time to take another couple of Tylenol and see about some fruit salad for dessert…..