That really good Empanada Filling from a couple of days ago made a super-yummy hot taco dip tonight!  I mixed in a bit of enchilada sauce, a can of pinto beans, and lots of cheese and baked it at the ever-popular 350° for about 45 minutes.  Blue corn tortilla chips were the perfect vehicle to get it from bowl to mouth.  Corona’s on the deck, sunshine and blue skies.  Summer has been pretty good, thus far.

But it was back inside for the main course – build-your-own-burritos.


Ground beef with onions, peppers, chipotles, cumin, tomato sauce…  sliced avocados, chopped tomatoes, refried black beans, rice, corn, nectarine salsa, sour cream, manchego cheese, and handmade tortillas (not handmade by me…)  We stuffed ourselves and Victor is still going to have leftovers for lunch for a week. Yum.

And there’s a nectarine clafouti in the oven right now…