It was a wild and crazy day!

Food and drink were ridiculously bountiful, family and friends and little kids…  Hawai’ian music in the background…  Definitely a fun day.


It was a Hawai’ian–themed party… What better way to celebrate the 4th, eh?!?

I started off by grilling pork tenderloins that had been marinated in teriyaki sauce, pineapple juice, and allspice.  Then brushed with the last of the strawberry BBQ sauce.


And then I made a fresh pineapple salsa to top it off.


I really wanted to make a silly watermelon boat of some sort – a Hawai’ian Outrigger was my first idea – but reality (and time) set in and it became a simple hollowed out watermelon with some lovely-tacky silk flowers (and a paper umbrella).


Marie’s mom, Joann made an utterly delicious cherry pie, and Marie brought over banana cakes topped with an assortment of great toppings.


Unfortunately, the camera came out and went away before the party really started, and I never got any pictures of the food everyone else brought!  We had homemade candied walnuts, caramel brownies, artichoke dip, strawberry rhubarb pie, a lemonade iced tea cocktail majob that was really good, plus a strawberry salad with a poppy seed dressing, marinated tomatoes, and…. and…  potato salad, coconut rice pudding… and hot dogs… and… and…


A great time was had by all, and we have leftovers!