Once upon a time, I would make Sunday Breakfast.  It would usually consist of three eggs cooked in butter, a 12oz package of thick-sliced bacon, a mound of fried potatoes, and a mountain of buttered toast and a couple of varieties of jam (have to have our fruit, ya know).  Probably in the neighborhood of 1800 or so calories – probably a bit more.  The perfect way to start the day, right?!?  (Well…  I think so!)

Alas, those 1800 calories would now have to last me until tomorrow morning.  I could probably sneak an apple in, but that would pretty much be my alottment for the day.  Times do change.

Instead, today, I did a modified Eggs Benedict.


A mini-croissant (150 kcal), 2 poached eggs (150 kcal), 2 slices of deli ham (1 oz 35 kcal), and provolone (1 deli-slice, divided 30 kcal).  365 calories, total.  What a difference!  Maybe a cup and a half of cubed watermelon for another 150 calories. 515 calories vs a conservative 1800 calories.  You be the judge.


I know I will never be a person who can eat an egg-white omelette.  I will never buy liquid eggs, and the only time you’ll see me separating eggs in the kitchen is if I’m making meringue or an angel food cake.  Knowing this, it helps to know there’s only 75 calories in a whole, large egg, along with 13 vitamins – including vitamin d in the yolk – and many minerals.  And it’s a complete protein.  It’s one of the best 75 calories you can put into your body.

And the other nice thing about this morning’s breakfast is that it actually filled me up.  Quality vs quantity.

I didn’t really need that semi-miserable-overly-stuffed feeling.  (I’ll save it for Thanksgiving!)