I can tell it’s time to go shopping – the plates are getting a bit disjointed.  But that’s okay – everything tasted pretty good!

Tonight was salmon on the barbie.  Marinated with a bit of garlic and soy sauce, grilled to perfection over hot coals, and served atop a mango and sambal oelek coulis.  Grilled lemons and limes topped the salmon, while grill-basket potatoes and frozen corn rounded out the plate.

Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a busy shopping day…  I need to head down to Gentile’s for lots of produce – plus a nice long shopping list for Victor’s mom – and then trek out to Wegman’s for all of our July 4th party needs.  Plus we’re going to have house guests, so we need 10 times more stuff in the house than we normally have. (I’m neurotic, remember?!?)  Busy shopping day, indeed.

We’re going for a modified Hawai’ian theme for the party.  That means we can have pork tenderloins with pineapple and still have hot dogs and potato salad.

We make the rules!

Time to start creating menus and writing out shopping lists…..