Having a house-guest for less than 24 hours meant I had to have ten times the normal amount of groceries in the house – even though on any given day I could feed a small emerging country.  I’m neurotic – what can I say?

So… when it came to doing my normal Monday grocery shopping, we really didn’t need much.  A new bottle of worcestershire sauce, another jar of molasses (both necessary ingredients for baked beans) and a box of cereal for Victor.  So, says I, I will take a trek out to Wegman’s.  We don’t need much and it’s always fun to wander the store.

I spent exactly $232.00 in we don’t need much.

Now, it is true that I didn’t need black onion seeds, but they were only $1.19.  Gooseberry jam.  I LOVE gooseberry jam.  It was only $2.49.  Okay…  I was extravagant with the Lingonberry Sauce at $5.99, but it is a pretty good-sized jar.  And I really didn’t need the 2-pack of solar lights for $19.99, but Victor has been doing so much work out back I thought they would be a fun enhancement.  Ka-ching.

Now…  I bought a total of four jams to go with the four or five that were already in the cabinet and then saw a box of fruit pectin for only $2.39 for when I make my own jams and jellies.  I mean, only 9 jars isn’t going to last forever.  I just never know when I’m going to need to make my own.  I was a Boy Scout.  Be Prepared.

I did need the rose flower water and the orange flower water (both $2.99)  and the four fresh pastas that I put in the freezer (so they’re – technically – not fresh anymore) were anywhere from $1.49 to $3.19.  A deal.  The pierogis at $4.99 were an impulse buy.

Ever heard of Israeli Haimishe Farfel?  Me either.  But I bought two packages because they were only $1.69.  I just went online to see what it was and the cheapest I found it was “on sale” for $2.69!  I got a great deal!  And it looks like it will be a great side dish.  I’ll keep ya posted.

The three 4-packs of soda were an extravagance, perhaps, but they’re all made with real sugar – not high fructose corn syrup – and Victor does like a soda now and again.  And did I really need a Tuscan AND a Sicilian olive oil?  Well… yes, I did. It’s that Boy Scout thing, again.

Worcestershire sauce – $1.39.  Molasses – $2.19.  The two things I needed.  The rest of it?!?  All things that I will use.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon… No buyers remorse allowed in our house.

And I really don’t think I’ll need to go shopping next week.