Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be a nice salad with grilled chicken and fresh fruit.  I had the chicken ready to go, the fruit on the island cutting board, and the greens in the salad spinner, when I decided some crumbled bacon would be really good on top.  I had a package of bacon in the freezer (of course!) and as I pulled it out, Victor came walking into the kitchen.

He took one look at it and said “I would love a BLT but we don’t have any sliced bread.”  (I have been remiss in my shopping!)

But… he then noted that we had frozen hamburger buns.  Ya want a BLT?  Ya got a BLT.  It sounded perfect to me – I’m the one who pulled the bacon out in the first place!

So the salad became BLT’s (with avocado) on toasted buns and the sliced fruit became a big ol’ fruit salad.

I love the summer fruits. Apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines – the stone fruits, especially – and have been known to eat a grape or two – especially big black grapes!  Yum!  I’m sure it all goes back to my grandparent’s house in Bakersfield where they had a grape arbor, strawberries, figs… their neighbor, Mrs McNamee had peach trees, Mr Brown, their other next door neighbor had watermelons, corn, string beans… (and there’s a reason they’re called string beans!  I sat out on that back porch many a day stringing beans with Grandma!)  They also raised chickens in a big coop in the back.  I also plucked a lot of feathers when I was a tyke!

So much of what we ate down there was home-grown, picked right off the tree or vine.  It really is a shame that most kids today (hell – most adults, either!)  just have no idea what real food is supposed to taste like – or where it even comes from…

But, I digress…

That sandwich was just what I wanted.  I just didn’t know it was just what I wanted until Victor came in and suggested it!

So… tomorrow night will be chicken-something.  Maybe I’ll try the salad, again, but it will have to be without bacon.

We ate it all!