I sent Victor a text this morning asking if he wanted hot dogs, jerk chicken, or something with a pork tenderloin for dinner tonight.  I hadn’t taken anything out of the freezer.  I had picked up the hot dogs at Wegman’s on Monday and they were in the bin.  Everything else was frozen.  He immediately shot back CHILI DOGS WITH CHEESE!  I took that as a yes for dogs.

Sadly, I didn’t have time to actually make chili and we no longer carry the only jarred pre-made chili I have ever deemed edible, so I picked up a can of the least-offensive chili and heavily doctored it when I got home.  It did the job.

I shredded some extra sharp cheddar, chopped some spring onions, oven-baked some potato slices, and called it dinner!

Speaking of hot dogs…  It’s no big secret that I’m a big hot dog fan.  I like old-fashioned, skin-on hot dogs.  I actually prefer beef and pork dogs, but will go with the all-beef if that’s all there is.  I love ’em grilled, all nice and black, and a good dog with a good mustard and Happy Hal’s Jalapeno Relish is gastronomic heaven.  I see NO reason at all for turkey dogs, and hate the consistency of most “packaged” hot dogs.  I want bite, not mush.

I just found out there’s a hot dog place right in Wayne – a mile or two from our house!  It’s called Johnnie’s Dog House.  I haven’t been there, yet, but I do plan to get there soon!