Years ago, Victor and I were at a farmers market in Oakland somewhere, and we bought purple green beans for some ridiculous price – maybe 8 bucks a pound. Really ridiculous.  I was going to do something fun with them – a cold bean salad or something – and dropped them into boiling water to blanch them.  They immediately – as in immediately – turned green.  That was the very last time I ever bought purple green beans.

Fast-forward 15 or so years and what’s on the market?  Purple asparagus.  I bought them knowing they were going to turn green.  I was not disappointed.  They turned green.  But, they at least were a deeper green than the asparagus we had the other night.  And they did taste good.

Victor made a tomato vinaigrette for them with grape tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, and sherry vinegar.  Yumlicious.

Simple grilled chicken breast with papaya lime marinade and white rice.

And we still have a few cookies for dessert!