Okay.  I just couldn’t do another variation on ham.

I took the ham that was left, cleaned everything off the bone, vacuum-packed the bone and the meat separately, and froze it all.  I’ll revisit it in a while.  I can see some lentil soup in my future, but for now…  I’m done.

Beef.  I was ready for a big ol’ barbecued steak but the weather is just not cooperating.  So, I compromised a bit.  I grilled the steak but topped it with a creamy stilton and caramelized onion sauce.  And I added some butter and cheese to the last of the leftover potatoes, steamed some fresh asparagus, and dinner was served.

It is great finally getting my refrigerator back!  I really hate having so many leftovers in there, but I’ll be damned if I’m throwing anything away.  I can rework anything, but at some point even I have to say “uncle”.

For the sauce tonight, I sauteed a really big onion in a bit of butter and olive oil until nicely caramelized.  About half-way through, I added some S&P and a big pinch of thyme.  I added about a quarter-cup of port to the pan, and then put about 3/4 of the mixture into the blender.

I creamed it all really nice, added about 3 oz of stilton, a half-cup of cream and a half-cup of beef broth and mixed it well.  I stirred the remainingonions back in and served it over the steak.