I love Sunday Dinner.  It was always a special dinner when we were growing up, and it’s a tradition that should never be lost.  It’s a great time to slow down for a few minutes and enjoy life, family and friends, and good food.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks around here… The pounding of the new roof, the scaffolding and masons repairing the chimney (still not completed!) finally getting Victor’s mom’s car back from the auto repair only to have to spend another $992.78 to get it to pass the state inspection.  The printing press has finally run out of ink.

But a good meal seems to make all of the bad stuff go away.  And a good meal was had today!  Victor made fresh sauce with hot Italian sausages and pork chops, cheese ravioli, sundried tomato bread…

Of course, I had to make dessert.  I mean… what’s Sunday Dinner without a big ol’ cake?!?


On the table in the picture above, you’ll notice a binder.  It’s my mom’s dessert cook book from the 60’s and 70’s.  (The whole book is online here!)  I went through it page-by-page and finally settled on “Deep Dark Devils Food Cake” with a 7 Minute Frosting.   Talk about outrageously good!

My mom baked all the time and cooked icings were something she could make in her sleep.  This one really is one of the best toppings one can put on a cake.  It’s a cross between marshmallows and meringue.  Simple and basic.  I make it without the corn syrup and with a 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar  and a bit more vanilla.  Excellent.


It was perfect.

Thanks, Mom!