The Dr said “soft foods” for a few days so I am paying attention!

I had a tooth pulled today.  #31 molar for all of you wannabe Dentists.  Crown came off, tooth cracked, and I was in excrutiating pain.  The type of pain that can’t really be described, except, Victor hid every pair of pliers in the house, because I was going to rip the tooth out myself if I couldn’t get to the dentist.  I was not a happy person.

So…  I feel absolutely miserable and EVERY single person I deal with is upbeat, friendly…  I call the dental office and the woman who answers the phone is concerned, will get me in right away, the people in the office are happy, efficient, and upbeat, the dentist himself is friendly, outgoing, and totally professional.  Because the roots are 12 miles long, he sends me upstairs to an oral surgeon.  HIS office is – you guessed it – upbeat, friendly, efficient.  I had to wait a couple of hours for the extraction, so I headed off to PathMark to get my first prescription filled (there was also infection, of course…)  Friendly, efficient..

I swear, I felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone.

So…  Vicodin-infused, I had cobbler and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

And it’s almost time for bed.  I think I’m going to sleep really well tonight…..