I was out and about earlier this morning doing my Monday grocery shopping.  When there isn’t a lot on the list, I tend to wander the store a bit more than usual – looking for different things on sale or things that just look good.  It can be good, because I can get some bargains, and it can be bad, because I may not know right that minute what I’ll make with that guava paste, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.  Into the cart it goes.

The other thing is creating recipes in my head as I see a product.  I was kinda thinking a won ton soup for dinner tonight when I saw Mole Verde on the shelf in the Mexican food section.  Mole Verde… Chicken Enchiladas with Mole Verde, lots of jack cheese… Spanish rice, refried beans… The whole menu was there in a flash.  I haven’t quite figured out the recipe, yet, but that will come…  I’m mentally tasting things as I’m walking up and down the aisles.  Combining this and that, wondering about another…

I saw a Mandarin Orange sauce in the Asian section that would probably make a good flavoring to add to chicken broth and chili paste for the won ton soup I was thinking of…  and five big cans of pineapple for $5.00.  Slices, chunks, and crushed.  Pineapple upside-down cake, stirfry’s, pineapple cream pie… It’s there when I need it.

A duck breast that may become part of the Easter hors d’oeuvres… Or another salad.  Or something else, entirely.

You get the picture.  Impulse shopping in living color.  The rule is, however – if I buy it, I have to use it. We do not have buyer’s remorse, let it rot, and then throw it away.  It has made for a few interesting meals, I must say!

So…  I shall finish my bologna sandwich and think of a way to use that Mole Verde in a chicken enchilada.

Stay tuned…