Last night we had an employee tasting after the store closed.  It was kinda like having dinner for 70 or so of our closest friends. Using a 2-burner hot plate and a little counter-top oven.  We had stuffed pork chops, we had beef stew.  There was ribbon pasta with langostinos, another version with cream, peas, and prosciutto.  Sausages, vegetarian items, a salad to die for…



There were wraps, there were oven-roasted beans, focaccia pizzas with ratatouille and goat cheese, butter chicken with basmati rice, polenta…


And enough cheeses and desserts to supply a small army.  I actually can’t even remember all of the different foods we cooked and sampled.  I just know that we had a blast putting it all together, and the staff had a blast eating it.

A hot plate and an easy bake oven.

Damn, we’re good!