We’re slowly getting through the mountain of food we created over the last couple of days.  Victor had Chinese for lunch, I froze a couple of the cup tamales (with sauce, of course!) and last night we finished the baked pasta.  (I think it was better last night than it was the first night we had it).  And we had garlic bread made from the bread he made a couple of weeks ago.  Waste not, want not.

Dessert has its foundation in leftover’s, too – Aunt Emma’s Apricot Cookies.

We always make a big batch of filling and freeze the rest for use throughout the year.  It makes a gread dipping sauce mixed with chili paste and soy sauce for Asian-type foods, with desserts, on toast or sandwiches – anywhere you’d want a high-end apricot zing.  Tonight, it became Apricot Bars.

Victor didn’t follow a recipe, but made a basic dough with butter, flour sugar, brown sugar, and rolled oats.  Pressed 3/4 into the baking dish, covered with a thin layer of apricot filling, and pressed the remaining on top.  Into the oven.


They were really good.

And we have leftovers.