This picture is not doing this bird justice.  This was one fabulous, succulent chicken!

Victor outdid himself tonight.  The dressing was unbelievably good – a sausage and bread dressing using an artisan walnut and raisin bread, cauliflower with bacon, a moist, wonderful, flavorful chicken…  great little challah rolls, and a wonderful homemade cranberry chutney that our dear friend Martha made.

It was a feast.

Roasted chicken is one of the finest foods imaginable.  And I don’t care what the folks at any of those national poultry places say – a free range organic chicken is light years apart from those foul factory fowl.  This bird rocked.

Thursday, I’m going to take the rest of the bird and make chicken paninis.  With more of Martha’s cranberry chutney, of course.

My stomach is smiling…..