Friday night saw us in Old City Philadelphia to meet friends for dinner.  We had a fantastic dinner at Ristorante Panorama on Front Street.  They bill themselves as “… contemporary, authentic Italian with influence that leans toward the Northern Italian region and features homemade pastas, authentic veal dishes, and fresh seafood specialties.” They came through!

Alas, I forgot the camera, and trying to explain all of the food we ate would be nigh on impossible at this point.  We had five different appetizers, five different entrees, five different desserts, and walked out with stomachs smiling.  It was a great time.  Here’s the menu!


Still in an Italian mode, Victor made dinner while I was at work, yesterday.  Chicken parmesan and ravioli.  We still have those huge chicken breasts I picked up at the farmer’s market, so he sliced them thin, pounded and breaded, fied, and finished off with sauce and cheese.

Two more of the cutlets went to today’s lunch!


Santa brought us a Panini Press/Grill/Griddle for Christmas and I broke it in for lunch today!  Breaded chicken breasts, cranberry sauce, bacon, herbed chevre, and vidalia onion relish on thick slices of raisin walnut bread brushed with garlic butter.  Can we say “gastronomic heaven” boys and girls?!?

Dayum, it was good!

Tonight I’m going all out with a really fun dinner – individual beef wellington’s!

The diet’s start January 6th.