I’m not a huge snack-food person, but every now and again I find myself in the chip aisle of the grocery store and a bag of Frito’s makes its way into the shopping cart.  I’ve been a Frito fan for as long as I can remember.  I did switch allegiance back when the original Dorito’s Tortilla Chips hit the market, but they have changed so many times, adding weird flavors that have nothing in common with a good tortilla chip (I’m obviously not their target demographic anymore…) that I haven’t bought them in years.

But Fritos…..Gotta love ’em.

Problem is – even that little bag is likely to get stale before I finish it.  And stale chips of any sort suck.  What to do?  Use them to bread chicken!

Tonight’s dinner started with me slicing potatoes on the ridged section of my mandolin.  (I use my mandolin all of the time and highly recommend them to everyone!)  Fried in olive oil and garlic with half a red onion, they went into the oven to finish.

For the chicken, I floured it, dipped it in egg, and then dipped in crushed Frito’s.  Into a hot skillet it went.  I browned both sides and then it went into the oven to join the potatoes.

The chicken breasts were huge.  I bought them down at the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago and really should have just cut one in half for the two of us.  As it was – we have leftovers!  But I digress…

When the chicken was about 95% done, I spread a couple of tablespoons of Sofrito Sauce on them, covered with cheese, and then placed them back into the hot oven.  And fresh broccoli.

Dinner was great.  Way too much food, but… so what else is new?

Time to go bake some cookies.  Tonight is walnut logs…..