Travelling through Iowa this morning and I can’t access my online account.  I keep getting an error that my password is incorrect and will not be accepted.  I call the Verizom 800 help number on the error.

I start getting a song and dance that my phone needs to be updated, the software program needs to be updated…  Then she says maybe there’s just no service in the area.  I’m speaking to her on a cellular phone, but perhaps there’s no cellular service…  Right.

When I bring this to her attention, she states “If you think there’s service everywhere, that’s extremely naive.”  Thank you, Ms. Service Person.

The woman was just plan rude.  When I questioned the error message, she said it’s “just an error message” and if there’s no service in the area, there’s no service in the area.  I asked if they had an error message for no service and she told me that I got the message.

I got the message, all right.  Verizon Service Sucks.  And she never fixed the problem.