Luncheon today was a repeat of yesterday – with the exception of our table-mates… Two lovely California ladies – mother and daughter – travelling on to Buffalo to visit family.

What an absolute joy they were – so much fun, in fact, we made a date for dinner.  I am highly embarrassed, but their names have escaped me, but I besides carrying their images with me every time I think of this trip, I’m rather hoping they will show up here and remind me.

Three out of four of us tonight had the Flat Iron Steak.  It was quite good, the only screwup was my rare steak went to mom and I received her medium.

The daughter (who mentioned her 50th birthday – I seriously thought she was 30) wore a great top with Obama in sequins.  Classic.  We sat down and talked race, talked politics, talked food, talked family, talked restaurants… talked and talked with the comfort of friends who have known each other forever.  They truly were the icing on the cake of a wonderful trip.

Tomorrow we pull into Chicago and get to see Kate and Lori on our layover to Pittsburgh.

Happy Thanksgiving.